Really Rocking

I have been painting rocks since I was a child… I kinda forgot I did but my brothers both found different rocks at different times.


The “eye rock” was one of many I painted with eyes on them. Then I guess I painted a rainbow. We had to sell my parents house and this was left in the house. The only thing and my brother found it. New beginnings!

So, about a week ago I decided to paint some rocks and leave them around my neighborhood.  Apparently this is a popular thing to do, not in my neighborhood but around the country.

I started with…

Then I painted…


I only have two more rocks. There aren’t really rocks like this in my yard or around, unless someone has used them for landscaping.

I ran out to the store and on the way back I saw some rocks! They were at La Quinta a motel. I am going to see if I can talk to the manager next week to see if I can pay him for some rocks.

I did stop and grab a few though…IMG_2160

I know, I know, crazy rock lady. I can also contact a landscape company, or Home Depot.

I will keep you updated for my newest project. IMG_2114 2


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