Six Feet Under Pub and Fish House

I was craving Fish Stew. It was grey and rainy out so, comfort food was in my head. Six Feet Under 5First the name Six Feet Under, their first location is across from Oakland Cemetery, a really big cemetery (people are dying to get into it!) A lot of old famous Atlantans are buried there. Margaret Mitchell and Bobby Jones to name a couple.

So, that one was so successful they added another one in the westside of Atlanta. Six Feet Under 6They have these cool prints of Atlanta and lots of photos of Oakland Cemetery.Six Feet Under 4It was extremely busy, but they seated me right away. My waiter Harley, great guy, not the quickest fellow, but he did have a few tables. He made up for his tardiness by being really super nice. I started with this. Six Feet Under 2Two Stone Crab Claws! Yahoo!

Then the yummy Fish Stew. Six Feet Under 8This Stew is excellent. Shrimp, mussels, scallops, and a huge piece of fish. Two big pieces of bread for dunking!

Off the TRAIL !

Coop and I decided to go off the trail today and this is what we saw.IMG_4055Lots of graffiti.IMG_4057and more graffitiIMG_4060oh wait there was even more graffiti.IMG_4065But if you look closely, it is really some cool artwork. Then we went down to the creek.IMG_4073It was really nice out today.IMG_4076Then we had to get back to the trail.IMG_4077Up this little hill, and then we found it.IMG_4082It was a great day for exploring. IMG_4079can you see the chimney? IMG_4064This is where the original Decatur water works were like a million years ago. Now it’s just ruins or canvas for graffiti. There are a lot more trails off the trail so new adventures await. Coop was really pooped afterwards. IMG_4053

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas – Decatur

IMG_4004Atlanta is made up of a lot of little towns and neighborhoods and one of my favorites is Decatur. Today when I visited the Square in downtown Decatur, they had up their Christmas decorations and were playing Christmas tunes. IMG_4001Music was coming from here. It actually put me in a great mood. Then to see kids running and playing around. IMG_4012Jumping! IMG_4015Climbing on cannons! IMG_4021Walking the dogs!IMG_4018Taking the Christmas photo on the Courthouse steps!IMG_4024Oh and parking is free on Sundays! Let’s visit again next week! You want to come?IMG_3999