Marietta Art in the Park!

It was a gorgeous Labor Day, so, I headed up to Marietta for a fun Staycation day!IMG_3039I cannot lie, it was very hot. There were a lot of artists. Every kind of art you can imagine. IMG_3030There were lots of fun things for the kids to do too.IMG_3036Do you see the boy on the roof? His mom was so cool, she just said “get down” and to her friend, “he will figure it out.” 

Then, of course, there was the King of Pops, only one vendor this time.IMG_3031The balloon guy was there too.IMG_3049

It was all around the Square in Marietta, very cute area. IMG_3044Lots of cute restaurants and homes in the area. Very close to the train tracks. IMG_3056

I think it would be interesting to explore when there isn’t a festival going on, a great Staycation.  Let me know if there are other things to see in the area! 

AJC Decatur Book Festival, it was crazy!

IMG_3004I have been to a lot of Festivals in Decatur but this was my first Book Festival. It was packed! There were books galore! There were books for everyone, young and old and everyone in between. Oh and you won’t believe who was there.IMG_3018That is right, Spidy was there. There were food trucks and of course The King of Pops, and balloon animals and hats.IMG_3013I wanted to get this posted so you could make it tomorrow.IMG_3011

IMG_3021Let me know what you think! Have a great time.

Quest for the Best – FAJITAS – Eduardos Mexican Grill

Eduardo’s Mexican Grill is off of LaVista Road behind the Red Lobster in Tucker. (Near Northlake Mall)

Eduardo's 1Cheese dip good, not a huge fan of the salsa. I am not sure if it was an off day or if I just don’t care for it. I have been here before and I don’t remember the salsa not being good but hey I will go back and let you know. Now, onto fajitas, Eduardo's 2Plenty of onions and green peppers, the chicken is well seasoned, but you know and can see, the chicken has been grilled and then cut, so, a little dry. It would have been really good it had a great flavor base. It is a cute family business that I will enjoy going back to try some other things. Eduardo's 3I wonder if family businesses or chains for that matter want to listen to criticism or input, what do you think?

Saving Some Money (Shopping tips)

It is always fun to save a few dollars here and there. Here a a few tips. Grocery tips in Atlanta; Kroger has manager’s specials on meat, they either have it in the same section, or they have a special section.HamburgerThis is a pound of low fat hamburger, usually $5.99, so I saved $2.00. I know you think that’s not much but it really adds up. Because then I saw my favorite potato chips, Utz Potato chips, with like an Old Bay seasoning on them, delicious! Utz's Potato ChipsThey were 50% off! Oh, and get a Kroger card, yes they track your purchases but you can save so much, and you get points to save ten cents per gallon off of Shell gasoline.

Then at Publix (this is in Atlanta, where Publix has competition) they will be having huge BOGO sales this weekend for labor day. You don’t have to buy two of the item, you can buy one and get it for half price. I live in a very small house and don’t have a lot of extra room. 

Then at Mercado del Pueblo, you can’t beat their prices on their produce, well unless you go to Buford Highway Farmer’s Market.IMG_1744Let me know if you have some money saving tips! Love to learn more….

Quest for the Best – FAJITAS – Taqueria Los Hermanos

IMG_2980This is my favorite Mexican restaurant in Atlanta. They have four locations, Tucker, Lilburn, Lawrenceville and Suwanee. I have never tried their fajitas because everything else on their menu is so good, until this week….TLH FajitasThey didn’t disappoint me with their fajitas either. The chicken was tender and well seasoned and this chicken was cut before it was grilled, leaving it super juicy. The cheese dip was great also.TLH Cheese dipIt has the jalepenos chopped and on the side so you can dump them in or not. These fajitas are very good. I would rank them in my top three. 

I have always gone to the Tucker restaurant but this one was their Lawrenceville Taqueria. Service was outstanding and the food is excellent. Have you been there? Let me know what you think.