Piedmont Park Arts Festival!!!

Great idea for a Staycation, the Arts Festival at Piedmont Park. It is FREE and the park is beautiful! Young and old can find something to do in the park, at the festival.IMG_2904People were playing softball and kickball and down past the festival, there was a rugby match going on.IMG_2962You can see those blowup slides in the background, how fun is that?

They had a lot of food trucks with great smells. IMG_2947I ordered a jalepeno corn dog, but I got a regular corn dog, I suffered through it though. (they refunded my money, woo hoo!) There were a lot of talented people selling their art. IMG_2909Piedmont Park is a beautiful Park!IMG_2930Lots of wildlife in the water.IMG_2972The views of Midtown are spectacular.IMG_2948IMG_2977This was a great day, hope you did something fun too. Let me know if you did.

Quest for the Best – FAJITAS – La Hacienda

IMG_2869After the last Quest fail, I had to get back out there and try again. So, my neighbor, Will, told me about this pretty new mexican restaurant, La Hacienda, so, we went there today. Whew, it was very good! Attentive waiters, great decor, zippy service good overall experience. I do apologize for not taking more photos because the exterior is really tasteful and cute. 

IMG_2870Obviously, I ordered the fajitas, and this was a plateful with everything cooked (not just a garnish) The guacamole was great! Beans and rice very good. Chicken was really good. They have so many great looking entrees on their menu, I will happily return for more. 

IMG_2871Will got steak on skewers, it looked great. I am not sure why I didn’t try it. 

It was a very good experience and I will be back! If you have been let me know your thoughts.


Atlanta Braves Another Great Day Game

IMG_2798Today the weather was perfect and the traffic wasn’t too bad. So I drove down, went to a kiosk and purchased tickets, it is so incredibly easy. Oh and you can get tickets for as little as $10.00. Staycationwise, you could bring in your own food and water and not spend that much for a fun day for your family.IMG_2833This was this adorable guy’s first baseball game. He was so cute.We were up at Sky Field. (I had never been)IMG_2838Look at these big ole coke bottle adirondack chairs. That is a full grown Dodgers fan sitting there. Pretty funny, huh?

Then down to the outfield for a Holeman & Finch burger. Yahoo.H & F BurgerMy photo doesn’t do it justice. It is so good and Kevin Gillespie was right behind me in line. He is chef/owner Gunshow, he was on Top Chef. Just from watching Top Chef he was a fan favorite and a really nice guy. 

IMG_2836I think a Braves game is one of the most perfect staycation idea, even if the Braves lose. (Which they did)


Quest for the Best – Fajitas – Mi Cocina

Mi Cocina 1Mi Cocina is a Mexican restaurant in Midtown Atlanta, part of a chain out of Dallas. It started out on a bad note and didn’t improve much from there. I was seated outside and chips were brought out immediately. The salsa was very good, the chips were fresh but I do not think they were homemade. (Their website states everything is handcrafted and made fresh daily.)

So, then I sat and sat and sat and tried to get anyone’s attention. What made me so sad is how attentive the waiters were to all of the other people dining with them. The head waiter came over and asked if I had been helped, “no,” what would you like to order? Cheese dip and fajitas and water. Cheese dip came out right away.Mi Cocina 4Now see that lovely chip that came in the dip, it was stale. The cheese dip tasted like Velveeta, not that there is anything wrong with that but I think I just ordered the wrong queso. The fajitas arrived about ten minutes later.Mi Cocina 6The beans were good and so was the rice. The peppers were not cooked, this did not come out sizzling the chicken was bland and cold. There were some good cooked potatoes on top of the chicken. It was like they threw some spices on before they brought it out. The two tortillas they gave me were not fresh. It was just not good. The good waitress asked me how thing were and I said okay. Finally my waiter came and asked me. I said the peppers were not cooked, he said, yes they are just a garnish….So I told him about my quest for the best – fajitas, and of all that I have tried so far, these were the worst and explained why. He was super nice and offered to get the general manager. So I waited, 5 minutes, no one, so I left. 

On a good note, the parking was free because they were repairing the ticket taker! 

Let me know if you have had a better experience here.

Quest for the Best – Bone Garden Cantina (Spoiler Alert, no fajitas)

Bone Garden Cantina 1Bone Garden Cantina was on the Travel Channel, Best True Mexican Restaurants in America, so I had to go check it out. A little hard to find, but not really.

A lot of restaurants are charging for chips and salsa now, this is one of them. The salsa was excellent,Bone Garden Cantina 2 the chips had a little too much salt on them for me, but if you like salted chips you would love it. I ordered a chicken taco and pork tamale (my other quest for the best is tamales, just haven’t reported it yet.). The chicken taco was excellent, the corn tortilla was one of the best I have had. The tamale was very good but not the best. The pork filling to the masa was just a little off for me. They do not have fajitas, but I think they are more traditional. Overall an extremely great experience, my waitress was so great! She was really attentive. I say go there and check it out, food is worth it!

Please let me know what you think!

LobsterFest 2014

IMG_2770This past Saturday my neighbors Mark and Alan had LobsterFest 2014 in honor of Mark’s mother Diane, who passed away last year. These lobsters were humongous. IMG_2774They were also delicious! IMG_2765A good looking group. Lots of wine and lots of food. Wait till you see dessert. Cake at LobsterFestIt all was so incredibly delicious.

This is Will and his lobster. IMG_2778If you want to host a LobsterFest for a Staycation, you can order them from the Lobsterguy.com. (Your friends each pay for their own lobsters) It was a blast and we can’t thank our hosts more! IMG_2772

Intriguing Art

IMG_2748Do you love looking at paintings? There is a wonderful Art Gallery in Historic Duluth. There is a great variety of artwork from a few different artists. Most of it by the owners, which are two extremely kind and talented people, Pam and Larry Smith oh and their new puppy! Their gallery is 2 Smith Art Gallery in Duluth, Georgia.

Pam Nelson Smith PostcardThis is Pam’s card. You can take her a photo and she will paint it for you and it is just priceless. Her work is stunning. 

Here is Larry’s card.Larry Smith PostcardHe paints landscapes, they are outstanding. He also teaches painting and his Fall Painting Classes are starting soon.I think they are an amazing duo and I am sure they are great teachers! If you are interested go to http://www.artistlarrysmith.com.

You can find their gallery at 3150 Main Street Suite 101, Duluth, Georgia 30096.

Let me know what you think!