Quest for the Best – Chicken Wings – Zaxby’s

Zaxby’s is a cross between fast food chicken and casual dining. The restaurant was established in 1990 in Statesboro Georgia, near Georgia Southern University. It is fresh food made to order, so it takes a little time after you order.

They serve chicken fingers, chicken wings, sandwiches, salads and appetizers, and crinkle cut fries (that are really good every time!)

Wings Z 2I ordered the wings meal, 5 wings, fries and a drink. The wings were okay, they weren’t bad but for taking 20 minutes to prepare, they weren’t really hot. The sauce was good. It is a shame too, everything else I have ordered there is really good. They are supposed to come with celery, but they were out. I had not heard about a celery shortage going on. There is a grocery store down the street, wouldn’t the manager just jump in the car and run down there? It was a bit chaotic in the kitchen.

My verdict is Zaxby’s is good, but I would not get the wings there. They do have an awesome Zalad though!

Homemade Pizza

It has been a cold few days around a lot of the country, including Atlanta. I decided to make a pizza. Pizza 2Okay full disclosure, the crust was made by Publix and the sauce was from a jar and the Pepperoni is turkey pepperoni. It was pretty good. The pepperoni was very good! I also put some baby Portabello mushrooms, those were excellent.Pizza 1It might not be the prettiest pie but it was good. Chili or chicken soup tomorrow? What do you think? Maybe a beef stew?

Six Feet Under Pub and Fish House….

IMG_3953Six Feet Under is a great place to grab a meal, the food is always great and plentiful and the view is excellent. IMG_3942They were running a special, serving my all time favorite food, Stone Crab Claws! So, my wonderful neighbor Will and I headed over. IMG_3956

We started with this! IMG_3947That is a spicy Bloody Mary with a shot of Guiness, who would of thought that would work? Excellent!!! Okay, I did not take any photos of the food, it was so much and so great! The Stone Crab Claws are excellent. We had the Extra Spicy Dragon Toes, Habenero peppers stuffed with scallops wrapped in crispy bacon. The jalepeno hush puppies were so great too. Let me just say this, our waiter was impressed by us, I guess I really shouldn’t brag, but it was oh so great. If you like Stone Crab Claws run, if you like good food, great views go too!

Another Great Blue Heron on another creek!

Heron 3Apparently a common site in creeks in Georgia. Here is my second in a few weeks. Unfortunately I only had my iPhone though.Heron 1They are cool looking. This trail is really new and they just finished adding more plants and trees this week.

I found the homeless people’s “home”. I was going to take a picture, but, I just didn’t think it was right. Just seemed nosy and invasive. I will keep to wildlife….

Quest for the BEST – Chicken Wings

Sobban 3I read on Thrillist the best chicken wings in Atlanta were at Sobban. So I went and tried them and they are excellent. They are big wonderful tasty bites of joy! But I decided to try a few other places, so, I went to the Rusty Nail next. Wings RNThese were very good, just different, the kind you expect when you order wings. (side note, I had the Gumbo to start, that was out of this world GREAT).

The Quest continues, on to Downwind Restaurant at Peachtree DeKalb Airport. I usually get the cheeseburger here, it is just that good, one of the best in the city IMHO. Wings DW 1These were so crispy and then juicy and I would order them again. It didn’t hurt that it was a beautiful day.Wings DW 2My neighbors told me of a place I need to try and I love Hooters, wings that is! Let me know if you have a favorite. I would love some new ideas!