Sherry’s Produce


Sherry’s Produce is a place I have mentioned before, this is a mural on one of its walls. They have a little bit of everything, veggies, plants, sauces. Their tomatoes are really very good! Oh and their boiled peanuts are GREAT!Image

It is located on Lawrenceville Highway in Tucker. Afterwards, I was in such a meat market… really across the street, there is a meat market. Image

This is the first time I have been here. It was very clean! I bought a steak and a couple of pieces of bacon. I haven’t cooked or eaten yet. Prices are good. The meat looks much better than Publix, and that’s where I shop. I will follow up with the cooked results. The bacon is for the lima beans I bought across the street. The people that work at both places are super nice! Check them out and let me know what you think. 

Sobban II

ImageOkay here’s the news on Sobban. You can see by the sign that it is Korean, Southern, Diner, I am throwing in Comfort Food. I ordered one of the day’s specials.Image

I ordered the spicy chicken sandwich and let me tell you, every single item on the plate was scrumptious! Everything, the bun the tomatoes, the pickles, the korean sweet potatoes. This man across the way ordered the Bologna Sandwich, it look really good.


I realize I need to go back and try more. I want to go back with a bunch of friends so we can try a little of everything! Extra bonus, service was outstanding.  (and the place is SUPER CLEAN!)

Please give it a try and let me know what you think. 

Centennial Olympic Park II

ImageCentennial Olympic Park. is a great place to take the kids! or go down by yourself! or take your significant other. ImageYou can have a picnic in the shade.Image


Or you can go to Legal Seafood. Our trick is sharing. I recommend the Clam Chowder, get a cup, it is delicious! We split the Fish and Chips, spicy, it wasn’t very spicy but it was really awesome. The fish was so fresh and fried perfectly.Image

The kids can play in the fountain, bring a towel! Image

When all is done, try SkyView. It truly is fun!Image

It is not scary (there is a “panic” button just in case) The views are great! Image

It really has grown into a great destination in Atlanta. Let me know what kind of fun you have in the park. 

Honey Moon (Friday the 13th)


This months full moon coincides with its perigee (when it’s closest to the earth during its orbit). So, it will appear super large on the horizon.Image

Pair that with the June summer solstice when the sun cuts its highest path in the sky, a smathering of atmospheric dust & pollution and the whole thing will give off an amber or “honey” hue.


So, hopefully the sky will be clear tonight and we will have a spectacular view! 

(Happy Birthday Ella! Love you so! Special day for a special person!)