Quest for the Best – “FAJITAS”

Starting a new division of Staycation, Quest for the Best. I am just getting started today but I wanted some input as to where your favorite place is for Fajitas.

Fajitas - Uncle Julio's

This one is from Uncle Julio’s. Yes, it was VERY good. I love the tortillas, homemade! I am going to be checking out Nuevo Laredo, La Costilla, plus some more Buford Highway Mexican restaurants. Are there other standouts I should know about?




Republic Social House for lunch


Republic Social House is across from Oakland Cemetery. We were sitting upstairs, on the deck.IMG_2564Bloody Mary, yes please and it was super yummy!

Then we started with Spicy fried green beans, especially scrumptious!IMG_2567

At this point when our meal came I was so excited I forgot to take a picture but we both got the chicken wings, southside style. They were Hot, Crunchy, Juicy, really very good. Oh wait, I got some of them to go.IMG_2571Overall, winner winner chicken dinner! 

Cheese Chorizo Jalepeno Grits

My friend Alan and I went to Kaleidoscope, a few years ago and I had a dish that was so craveable. It was a piece of fish, I think Mahi, on green chili cheese grits. So, ever since then I have recreated and added to my grits, but todays was the winner. So very good, I had to share.

I have two kinds of grits, one is basically instant, and the other takes a while. I went with the Organic Arrowhead Mills Yellow Corn Grits.IMG_2548 I used one jalepeno, chopped it, and chopped a shallots, put them both into a small sauce pan with a tablespoon of butter. I took one link of chorizo and cut the casing off and fried it in a small pan, then set it aside, to drain on some paper towels. IMG_2555

The grits call for two cups of water, I had some organic Half n half in the fridge, so I used one cup of that on one cup of water into the small pan with the jalepeno and shallot and brought it to a boil. Then I added 1/2 cup of grits. They cooked covered on low for 6 minutes, then I added in the chorizo and 1/2 cup of grated cheddar cheese and tah dah they were done and they were awesome.

Let me know what you think!

Up Up and Away

IMG_1054IMG_1855The Sky High Hot Air Ballon Festival will be held August 29 – 31 at Callaway Gardens In Pine Mountain. It sounds awesome and looks like great fun. They have tethered balloon rides, daily launches, lakefront “glow” presentations and more.

Interesting balloon fact: during the Civil War, Savannah resident Langdon Cheves, Jr. created a balloon made from varnished silk to help Confederate  officers observe Union troops from the sky. (the Union had an entire Balloon Corps)


Go to

(Okay, I didn’t have any balloon photos, will have to wait till the end of August for those)

Gone to the Dogs

IMG_1806Stone Mountain Park is going to host the Dock Dogs World Championship Qualifier on July 25th – 27th. IMG_0587Dogs from around the country show off their speed agility and ability to take high leaps into a lake during a variety of athletic events. I don’t know if you have seen this on TV, it looks really cool!IMG_0633

Admission is free with paid park admission.

(These dogs featured will not be competing, I think it is mainly Retrievers and Labs, these dogs just think they are big dogs)


No Mas Cantina

IMG_2505Last night, my neighbors, Steve and Melissa and their son Aubrey and I went to No Mas Cantina for dinner. The company was excellent and the food was also! I had the Chicken and veggies, the tortillas were so fresh and light. Steve had the salmon and veggies, Melissa had a chimichanga and Aubrey had two tacos and an enchilada. The food was all great!

Our waitress was super sweet and just a great person.

Next door there is a store packed with fun stuff!IMG_2511

I mean a lot of cool stuff! IMG_2521

I didn’t take any photos of the food. I am sorry. But I will be back and I will take food photos.

Go and let me know what you think! Castleberry Hill is a fascinating area of town.