House Guests fighting over Coops Toy

Catfish and Pumpkin had a tug of war over Coops toy, you can hear Coop quite upset about this going on.

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South Peachtree Creek Trail in the Fall

All the leaves are brown and the sky is grey….IMG_3980Okay not all of the leaves are brown…But you can see so much more of the creek without the leaves on the trees.IMG_3970Interesting perspectives on things I hadn’t noticed before.IMG_3957      From here…

To here…IMG_3958  From here… IMG_3964To hereIMG_3966It is interesting when you take a different lookIMG_3993How lucky are we all to have all of this around us? All we have to do is stop and look around.

IMG_3996Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving or just a Happy Thursday!

Happy Veteran’s Day

Jessie Jeanine

Memorial Day

I cannot visit
your graves this year;
Your lives which ended
so I could stay here.

A price that was paid
like Christ on the cross,
Most never realizing
how much it has cost.

But, in my heart you’ll always stay
kindred Spirits, souls find their way.
My tears, unashamed, freely fall
may we remember them now, remember them all.


Past, present and future
we honor those who serve.

As a country
may we live our lives in such a way
which portrays that your service and sacrifice
was… nor, is it ever… in vain.


Happy Veteran’s Day
to the Hero’s of our land

For a time that’s bittersweet
Because of you ~ we still stand!

Souls Seeds… 

Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day go hand in hand. I cannot acknowledge one without the other, anymore than I could thank our military service members without also acknowledging other divisions, which

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Taqueria El Vecino

I have been going to this Taqueria for a while now. I love their tacos, their tamales are very good (not the best, Taqueria Los Hermanos are the best!) But, their specials are really great! Burrito 2This was a fried chicken and cole slaw with spicy barbecue sauce and cheese. It was so great! I have learned to trust their specials. This in Oak Grove if you want to go I will take you there.Burrito 1

Coop and I need to find some new trails, but it has been super cold. We will keep you informed on the new trails we find.