Hank Aaron 1934-2021

Hank Aaron died January 22, 2021. He was just an amazing person.

He was an athlete, with unbelievable talent. He was just outstanding. I will never understand how he put up with being treated the way he was, with death threats and horrible words and letters we will never be able to comprehend. Through it all he was just a really nice person. (yes I did get to meet him)

I went to the place where he hit home run 715, the one that beat Babe Ruth’s record.

It was a little bit of a shrine to Henry Aaron, there was another one at the new ballpark at Truist Park.

This was enough for me. i thought I would just take a few photos and I went up to the area. All of a sudden tears were running down my cheeks. I just had an overwhelming amount of sadness and loss. I cannot explain it.

Thank you Henry Aaron for All that you did….

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