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PowerBall is up to $535 million dollars! So, I took a little walk to the Shell Station down the street. I walked up to the church beforehand…IMG_0529

Then I had to take a detour…IMG_0534.JPG

I made it to my destination and I was greeted by a friendly face. Love this guy!


Could it be the winning ticket? He said “Weirder things have happened” I agree!!!



You can’t give…

UnknownYou can’t give what you don’t have… If you have love in your heart then you give love. In that same line of thinking, if you have anger or negativity then that is what you give.

Embrace the love in your heart. Accept the love you receive. Give the love you have in your heart.

Turn off the noise in your life and listen to the peace…

Summer Vacation

Every summer in my childhood, my family would load up the family truckster and head up to New Jersey, right outside of Cape May NJ, Townbank NJ on the Delaware Bay.

My grandparents had a big house and a little house, which is kinda funny, because both houses only had one bedroom. The big house had a kitchen. The little house had a front porch, a bedroom and an attic, that is where my sister and I slept on cots in the summer heat for many years and many giggles. So very hot, but I don’t remember complaining  at all.

Then my grandparents added another bedroom onto the big house. Then Ellyn and I got to sleep there and my brothers had to sleep in the attic. There was still no air conditioning, but we were in the big house.

I just remember laughing all the time and having fun! I remember the moon landing.

Everything seemed so much better when we were there. We had Christmas in July. My great aunts and uncles would bring presents for us. How can you not love that?

Oh and we would go into Cape May and go to the beach a few times, not sure why though. The sand was so sticky and it was so crowded. There were blankets and umbrellas. It was so different from Florida. They kept putting me up on things too.


The memories are great though! Oh they had an outdoor shower only and they used Zest. To this day that smell makes me smile. We were so lucky!

What Would You do?

Unknown-4 This is a show on Friday night. It has actors act out situations and how would normal people react. One of the situations was a single mom promising her son any toy in a toy store because he had made straight “A’s”. The problem was she was short by $9. A lot of people stepped up an just gave her the money.

The point of the story for me was I was at the zoo with my nieces one day many years ago and we had walked and walked and walked. We had a great day, but then we walked again across the street to get ice cream. It was a long walk across the street, across the parking lot. We get there and the two girls order their ice cream and then I find out, they only take cash. The problem, the ATM is at the zoo, I am so tired. I don’t want to leave them. We had already ordered and I was sweating. So this happened, the man behind me paid for it. I wanted to pay him back. I asked for his card. He was just kind and paid for it. It was so hard for me but of course I had to accept. I was not used to accepting help, it is something I am learning to accept. I am learning to accept help, I know how to give help. What I do know is God is good.

Kitchen tips

1.  If you are cutting garlic, and your hands smell like garlic, rub some stainless steel, like your faucet. It immediately gets rid of the smell. Unknown

2. If your butter is frozen or too hard, take a vegetable peeler and pull off thin strips.


3. Take your butter wrappers and instead of throwing them away, save them and use them to butter, cake pans muffin tins etc…

4. Freeze tomato paste in 1 tablespoons, that way you don’t waste the whole can.Unknown-2

5. To make the perfect sunny side fried egg, put in a little butter or oil, crack in egg and when the whites are set put in a tablespoon of water and cover. Works every time.images

6. When I make chicken soup, I use Italian seasoning and lemon pepper. My soup has never been better! Unknown-3

Let me know if you have any tips too!