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Meatless Monday

My favorite place to buy tomatoes is David’s Produce.IMG_1103.JPG

It has been around a very long time. Tomatoes are always the BEST! But they also have fresh butter beans and Lady Peas. Butter Bean are just lima beans basically. Oh and fresh Black eyed peas. They are all so yummy.IMG_1110

They have fresh eggs and butter too. All kind of veggies, carrots, squash, cabbage, vidalia onions, (sweet onions from Vidalia GA). IMG_1114.JPG

All kinds of hot sauces! They also have my favorite thing!


Boiled Peanuts! Regular and Cajun!

Low Country Boil on The Grill?

Yes, I did. I got about a half of a pound of shrimp. Peeled and deveined.


Then take some polish sausage. IMG_8953

I used this brand, it has no fillers, no additives.  Slice the sausage into buttons and throw them in a bowl with the shrimp. Add some olive oil lemon zest and a little lemon juice and some Old Bay Seasoning….IMG_8951

Cover and refrigerate for 20 minutes. In the mean time, soak some bamboo skewers in water. Then thread the shrimp and sausage on the skewers.


Then grill them for two to three minutes on each side.

And there you go! A yummy low country boil on the grill. Grab a beer and chow down.



Good Eats!

The other day I heard of this recipe and I thought hmmm that sounds interesting but really? So, I tried it and it was great, I thought I would share…

Take 3 zucchinis and three yellow squash and three tomatoes, quarter them all.

images Toss them in olive oil and a little garlic powder. Then put them on the grill. Grill about three minutes per side. Bring them inside and take a piece of aluminum foil and put the tomatoes on it. Leave on the grill about 5 minutes. Cut up the squash and put in a bowl. Bring the tomatoes in and cut up too. Add some red wine vinegar and some olive oil, some crushed red pepper and some fresh basil. It is still warm and it is just so scrumptious.

It is great the next day also!

Pumkinfish – Gifts and Goodies

Great news! Remember my neighbor Will? Pumpkin and Catfish’s Dad? IMG_6936

Well, he move to Indianapolis and opened a gift shop.

pumkinfish logo tag

Today was his opening day. I am so proud of him for making it. It was a huge task. I helped him a very little bit. He had so many decisions. He did an awesome job!

Oh can you guess how he came up with the name?

So, if you are in Indianapolis, go to Mass. Ave and check it out!

Meatless Monday

I was craving pizza today. I usually go to Mellow Mushroom, but I love the soup there the best. So I headed out to Fellini’s Pizza. I have always loved Fellini’s, they have a really tasty slice and salad! Spinach and mushroom, so yummy!


Okay, not sure if it looks that great but it is delicious. The salad is huge and fresh and tasty. (oh and I got the ranch dressing, because pizza dipped in it is excellent!)

There was so much, it made just enough for dinner too!