Shrimp three ways –

#1. Marinate shrimp in lemon, olive oil and Old Bay Seasoning, for a couple hours. Soak wood skewers in water. Thread the shrimp and cook on the grill…


Dinner night one was grilled shrimp and cooked carrots and fresh sliced tomatoes.

#2. Salad – Panzanella salad topped with shrimp. Bread and tomato salad with cucumbers and onions and dressed with oil and vinegar and topped with shrimp.


#3. Shrimp Taco for dinner – I took the cocktail sauce and mixed in some sour cream and salsa and fresh cilantro. I used fresh corn tortillas heated up in a fry pan and chopped up shrimp and dressed with the sour cream mixture…


Why we celebrate –

Today in the United States we celebrate Memorial Day. This is the day we celebrate the soldiers who died fighting in the field.

I believe we should always honor those who fought and those who are fighting. I have an overwhelming amount of gratitude to these people.

But today is the day to celebrate those that gave their lives in defending our country.



And it feels so good! Conner, Coop’s best friend and next door neighbor,


borrowed Coop’s stuffed duck a few weeks ago. Coop got it back and couldn’t have been happier.

So, maybe he loves it a little too much, but he is one happy dog!


Hope everyone is having a great weekend and you have found your favorite “duck”!

Meatless Monday

My favorite place to buy tomatoes is David’s Produce.IMG_1103.JPG

It has been around a very long time. Tomatoes are always the BEST! But they also have fresh butter beans and Lady Peas. Butter Bean are just lima beans basically. Oh and fresh Black eyed peas. They are all so yummy.IMG_1110

They have fresh eggs and butter too. All kind of veggies, carrots, squash, cabbage, vidalia onions, (sweet onions from Vidalia GA). IMG_1114.JPG

All kinds of hot sauces! They also have my favorite thing!


Boiled Peanuts! Regular and Cajun!