What is Grace?

In the middle of a heated argument, when you are about to say an awful thing that cannot be unsaid and that little voice says, “don’t say it…”  that is grace.

When you are standing in line and the woman in front of you is at wits end with her kids and trying just to do it and you smile with love   that is grace

2 thoughts on “Grace…”

  1. Thank you so much, Jan, for leaving that little gift at my mailbox. Also, you have no idea just how timely your words above are right now. I could have used a bit of that grace “in the midst of [some] heated argument(s) lately!

  2. May you remember the voice of the graceful spirit, that whispers in the winds of the wilderness. That’s always stirring those wildflowers, growing in the springtime garden of your heart’s temple, and written in gold on those temple walls are the acknowledgements of the precious gift that you are.
    Blessings from a kindred Spirit

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