Sunday Drive

This didn’t happen with my parents, but my grandparents were big fans of the Sunday drive. My Grandfather had a super old car called Black Beauty and we would get in and go for a drive. It was great fun and at the end we would stop at the Custard Stand. Life was good!

So, today I decided to take a drive. I headed out on Buford Highway. Buford Highway is an interesting place to visit on its own, for dining purposes. It is an eclectic blend of ethnic cuisines. It has great Pho places, great Tortas places, many Asian and many Mexican restaurants. Oh, and they have three Crawdad restaurants too.

Along Buford Highway there are so many small town that have Historic Districts. It runs along a railroad. The first we come along is Historic Norcrossimages-4

This has a handful of really good restaurants and a few cute shops.

Then we come to Historic Duluth…UnknownGuess what? Cute restaurants and a few cute shops and a splash fountain.

Next we run into Historic Buford…Unknown-2I think all of these towns have done a great job of building up their “downtown” areas up to great places for concerts and movies on the green and just fun for people that live out in the suburbs to get a community feeling.

If you have a chance take a Sunday drive and discover something new!



Disco Kroger

In Atlanta we have several Krogers (brand of supermarket) that have nicknames. Disco Kroger is in Buckhead just down from Lenox Mall. It still has this mural there. IMG_7544

So back in the 80’s there was a Disco called the Limelight. It had a Tiger in there and sharks swimming below the dance floor.  I actually went there a few times. It was a blast. images-3Famous people went there. Beautiful people went there. There were super long lines to get in. They shot a movie there called “The Slugger’s Wife”.

The mural is on a wall of an art store called Binders which is a really great art supply store. You can find EVERYTHING arty in there.If you are in the Buckhead area you should check it out!


Baba Ganoush

I am growing eggplant in my garden this year…IMG_7234

I have never cooked an eggplant so, I thought I would start trying some recipes. First up Baba Ganoush….So, I got an eggplant… images-2I sliced it into 1/4 inch slices. Put salt on them to get some of the water out. Dried them between two paper towels. Waited about 5 minutes then put them under the broiler till browned and golden.I chopped those up and put them into a food processor. I added fresh chopped garlic, olive oil, vinegar pulse it up and add kalamata olives serve with pita and you are in heaven! Unknown

Quest for the BEST BBQ Ribs

images-2 To be honest, I have been working on this one for a while. I have two favorites, so, that was making it tough. Fox Bros. BBQ and Community Q are my favorites. images-5 and Unknown-4

Fox Bros. has the Totinator – images-7Tatertots covered in Brisket chili and smothered in cheese. They have awesome wings too.Unknown-5They also have fried ribs, yep, how wonderful….images-8

Then I love Community Q’s BarBQue too. Their ribs are greatUnknown-1 and I love their brisket. The BEST thing they have is the Mac n Cheese…Unknown-2It’s this longer thicker rigatoni pasta with so much cheese gooeyness. It will bring tears to your eyes.

But then I had my eye on The Greater Good BBQ in Tucker. UnknownTheir ribs are amazing. I order them dry, because I want to taste the smoke, then if I want to sauce them I can pick the amount and flavor. I didn’t try their mac n cheese. But their greens are the best I have had in town.images-3Their onion rings were awesome also…images-4They were light but held together to the bite.

The recap is this, I have to pick in order of the best ribs, #1 – Fox Brothers, #2 – The Greater Good, #3 – Community Q.

(I did try DBA BBQ today and their ribs are a little dry, but, they have the best fried pickles I have ever had, with two pieces of fried bacon on top OMG)

Atlanta Braves Day Game

IMG_7487It was a beautiful day for a Braves game. This is the last season the Braves will be playing at Turner Field. Next year they move out to Cobb county to a gorgeous new complex, SunTrust Field.  (I still like this stadium)

So, I went to a kiosk to purchase a ticket. Got it, got in, got seated. There were a lot of groups of children all over. You could tell by their matching t-shirts.IMG_7482


So, I thought, that’s nice, but I am out here alone in the outfield. Then they descended on me about at least 50 kids all around me and I ended up helping to give out the box lunches.Then I had to get out of there. Too many too hot too much. I went to grab lunch.

I went to get The Holeman and Finch cheeseburger.images-4

So mushy yummy gooey good!images-3Housemade pickles, two beef patties cheese and mustard and ketchup on a buttered toasted bun. This is an excellent burger, you can get this at Ponce City Market also. (And at Holeman and Finch, the restaurant)

I watched the next few innings I watched standing up. A nice couple asked me to take their photo. I did and he said I was a natural. Thank you!