I am thankful for friends and family, and Coop’s Best Friend, Duke. I have a heavy heart though, because Duke went to heaven this morning. He was surrounded by people he loved and people who loved him dearly.


He was a dear old soul and a special buddy. It is so hard to say goodbye. Thank you for being you Duke. I love you and your special Mom so much.

Quest for the Best – Wings

I think I have found the best wings in the city, but if someone gives me someone they like, of course, I will try. So, my neighbor told me about the smoked wings at DBA BBQ.


I ordered the Buffalo Wings….wings-2

Smoked wings in buffalo sauce. The problem is, they just poured the sauce over them. I wish they had “sauced ” them all over. They are very good, just not the best. I will keep looking.

My favorite still stand at Napoleon’s the Buffalo Smoked wings are the best in town.

Fall in the South


I love Autumn, but it is supposed to get chilly and windy and I am afraid we will lose the beauty!


I love it and so does Bradley Cooper…img_7866



So my question is, if there is this much beauty in the world to look at and get lost in why worry about the little things that just are irritating?