Quest for the BEST – FAJITAS Cheeky (in East Cobb)

Cheeky's FrontIn my quest for the Best, I went to another chain, in East Cobb. It was a treck, but well worth it. I have eaten at Cheeky before, but only tacos and enchiladas. I really like their salsa, and so far their cheese dip is the BEST I have tried. It’s a melted white cheese with a pickled jalepeno puree (that is what put it over the top!)

Now to the main item, the fajitas, they were good, they had the most variety of veggies under the chicken. Zucchini, mushrooms, onions, and peppers were the veggies today. Cheeky's Chicken FajitasThis was a really good fajita, the problem with this and many fajitas that are served in this fashion is that it is grilled and then sliced right afterward, so all the juices run out. They should serve it as one piece or cut it before it is grilled. 

All in all it is a good fajita, you should try it. But, everything else I have had here has been very very good! They have 3 locations, East Cobb, Suwanee and Cumming.

The search continues! Give me some new ideas if you have them!

Cheeky's Charros beans

Braves Day Game at Turner Field!

IMG_2639The Atlanta Braves played the San Diego Padres in a 12:10 game. It started out on a sour note. The traffic getting to the game is a atrocious. Is has not gotten any better over the years. But once you get there it is a breeze! The game day staff is welcoming and friendly. It is incredibly easy to go to a kiosk and order a ticket (tickets start at $8.00). 

I found our seats, right in center field. IMG_2640They were great seats. My friend Jack Tyson once said, “There are no bad seats at Turner Field”, he is correct. There was a wonderful breeze. The breeze kept wafting the a wonderful aroma of burgers. 

Holeman and Finch is a restaurant that at 10:00 each evening 24 hamburgers are prepared. Well they have two stands in the outfield. I had to see if the hype was for real. Okay, believe it, it was awesome, fabulous, out of this world! IMG_2656This cute guy took my order. Cheeseburger and fries, $12.00. Two beef patties with cheese and a great mustard, and pickles, and the buns, lightly toasted. Excellent! 

This is a great StayCation activity, that all the kids and adults can enjoy.Braves outfield seatsThe crowd wasn’t huge but they really got into the game. Go enjoy and let me know what you think!

Lullwater Preserve

This 154 acre preserve lies in the heart of Emory University’s campus. My neighbor Will wanted to take my walking buddies and his pups (remember Catfish and Pumpkin?) to a park, because they had been so good last week.IMG_0535


We finally found it, and where to park, and how to get there. It was absolutely beautiful. IMG_2602At first we drove up to the President’s house. It was a gorgeous Tudor. Originally built by Walter Turner Candler, son of Coca Cola mogul Asa Candler. He purchased the land in 1925, 230 acres and called it Lullwater farms. He loved nature and wanted to preserve the forest part of it. He added in Candler lake, by damning up a stream, South Fork Peachtree Creek. IMG_2606

He had a horse track to run his horses on too, that is now the VA Hospital. IMG_2630

It was a beautiful day and the pups had a great time. IMG_2623You really need to check this one out. We will show some more parks for your “StayCation” this summer!

Quest for the Best – Fajitas (La Parrilla Mexican Restaurant)

La Parilla Fajitas 2While the fajitas look great in the photos, sadly they were just okay. The chicken was not seasoned and just kind of bland. I have had them before and they were much better. I did order cheese dip, and that was great. (Have you ever had bad cheese dip?)La Parilla Cheese dip

The cheese dip is the “glue” in the creation of the fajita. Sure you can try using refried beans but I have found the cheese works better in the taste equation. A touch of sour cream and guacamole really make it tasty too!

I will keep searching and keep reporting. La Parilla Fajitas 3

Give me any suggestions you would like to see. Thanks for reading!

Quest for the Best – Fajitas (La Costilla Grill)

Grilled Chicken #1Technically they don’t call them fajitas, but it’s a whole bunch of grilled chicken with tortillas (handmade). They bring you chips and salsa and pico de gallo, so, I just throw the pico into the salsa and it made it all so refreshing! 

On this platter, there is chicken, a hotdog cut in half and has cheese melted on it, also, a jalepeno pepper stuffed with cream cheese and wrapped in bacon. You also get charros beans, scrumptious! Next time I will try the steak, it smelled heavenly. Jalepeno stuffed

Go and try it, let me know what you think. Muy bueno! 

Quest for the Best – “FAJITAS”

Starting a new division of Staycation, Quest for the Best. I am just getting started today but I wanted some input as to where your favorite place is for Fajitas.

Fajitas - Uncle Julio's

This one is from Uncle Julio’s. Yes, it was VERY good. I love the tortillas, homemade! I am going to be checking out Nuevo Laredo, La Costilla, plus some more Buford Highway Mexican restaurants. Are there other standouts I should know about?