Snowy Day – Il Bacio – Comfort Italian Food

Il Bacio lis located on Sidney Marcus across from the Home Depot. It is a really good pizza place. I had always ordered a slice of pizza. oIt was always very good. Then, I ordered a fish dish one time and it was great. So today I ordered a pasta soup and spaghetti and meatballs. Such a disappointment. Il Bacio 2The soup was flavorless. Simply boring. The spaghetti and meatballs Il Bacio 1were okay, well, the pasta was good and the marinara was good but the meatballs were too dense and just not good.

When I return, and I will, I advise you to order the pizza.l-1Avocado salad pizza, need I say more? Oh and they have gelato! Yummy!

Ice off the Trail

It was really super cold in Atlanta last week, not as cold as up North but cold for us southerners. So, Coop wanted to go off the trail…IMG_4523He is very persuasive.IMG_4528So we walked down to the dam.IMG_4535I am going to go on the other side to see if I can get a better picture. IMG_4537They knocked a hole in the dam so, the creek could flow through. IMG_4545Then I saw the ice on the rock. IMG_4546

We came across this cute bench off the trail. IMG_4551Well the weather people are reporting we might get snow again tonight. Things go crazy if there might be snow or if there is snow. People hoard bread and milk, go figure….I just make sure I get to the liquor store.

Chinese New Year

2015-atlanta-chinese-lunar-new-year-festival-88It is the Year of the Sheep (or Goat) and we celebrated at the Culture Center of Taipei & Cultural Office in Atlanta.IMG_4560We sampled dumplings and noodles, buns and wraps. They have food stalls all around the perimeter of the Center. Then we went outside for the Lion Dance.IMG_4561  IMG_4568   IMG_4576IMG_4601IMG_4617But the best part is this….IMG_4610

IMG_4611   IMG_4659Then next the Dragon roared out….

IMG_4623   IMG_4633   IMG_4627   IMG_4655It was great fun!

Then we went to get some Pho…pho1We went to Pho Bac and it is located in a shopping center where they were setting off firecrackers at each place of business. It sounded like it was pouring down rain outside.Then the Dragons were back. IMG_4672  IMG_4674They are setting off tons of firecrackers and yet exhaustion set in on this little one. IMG_4676Happy New Year!

Roxx Tavern Great for a cold day!

Roxx 3I headed out to Cheshire Bridge Road, the most eclectic road in Atlanta. food_grazing2-1_07MagnumIt has strip joints, great restaurants, Cheshire Motor Inn, tobacco stores, gay bars, DUI Schools and one of my favorite comfort food spots, Roxx Tavern. 9008227We are freezing in Atlanta, I realize it is colder up North, but, we are spoiled and not used to this. To warm up quickly I ordered one of these. Roxx 4It was delicious. I ordered a cup of the soup special Cheesy Cheddar Broccoli soup Roxx 1It wash’t as smooth and creamy as I would have liked. It was good, but not great (should have ordered the fries, they are great). So I ordered the Turkey Burger, this is the BEST Turkey burger in town. Roxx 2They have so many great things on their menu. Their special today was blackened chicken fettucini alfredo? Yummy. I should try it next Thursday.