I made Pita Bread!


I did it! I made pita! I just hate to tell you, it isn’t that hard to do either.


Then I made a tomato pita sandwich. Heaven!



2 tsp active dry yeast

1/2 tsp sugar

1/4 cup whole wheat flour

2 1/2 cups unbleached all-purpose flour

1 tsp kosher salt

2 tablespoons olive oil

Step 1

Put 1 cup lukewarm water in a large mixing bowl. Add yeast and sugar. Stir to dissolve. Add the wholewheat flour and 1/4 of the all-purpose flour and whisk together. Put bowl in a warm place, uncovered, until mixture is frothy and bubbling. About 15 minutes.

Step 2

Add salt, olive oil and nearly all of the remaining all purpose flour (reserve about 1/2 cup) With a wooden spoon stir until the mixture forms a loose ball. Dust with a little reserved flour then knead in bowl for a minute.

Step 3

Turn dough onto work surface. Knead lightly for 2 minutes, until smooth. Cover and let rest for 10 minutes, then knead again for 2 minutes. Try not to add too much of the reserved flour: the dough should be a bit soft and moist.

Step 4

Clean the mixing bowl and put dough back in it. Cover bowl tightly with plastic wrap, then cover with a towel. Put the bowl in a warm, not hot, place. Leave until dough doubles in size, about an hour.

Step 5

Heat oven to 475 degrees. On bottom shelf of the oven, place a heavy-duty baking sheet, large cast-iron pan or ceramic baking tile. Punch down the dough and divide into 8 pieces of equal size. Form each piece into a little ball. Place the balls on the work surface and cover with a damp towel and leave for 10 minutes

Step 6

Remove 1 ball, keep the others covered, and press into a flat disk with rolling pin. roll to a 6-inch diameter, about 1/8″ thick, dusting with flour, if needed.

Step 7

Carefully lift the dough circle and place quickly onto hot baking sheet. After 2 minutes the dough should be nicely puffed. Turn over with tongs or spatula and bake one more minute. The pita should be pale, with only a few brown speckles.

There you go!




What I am Jamming on…


Slimming Tea, Tea of Life, Green Tea, Garcinia, Black Seeds and Fenugreek. I drink it with a little bit of honey. Does it work? It doesn’t hurt!


My tomato soup grocery tote bag. I just love it. It’s better than collecting a gazillion plastic bags.


My new food processor. I made hummus a couple of weeks ago using my blender, it didn’t go so well. Amazon prime day, thank you! A great deal. Now, I am going to make pita. (no I don’t need the food processor to make the pita)

I also love Bradley Cooper’s snoring behind me as I type this.

Emory Point


Emory Point is a mixed use neighborhood across from the CDC  and next to the Emory Campus. There is a CVS and an Earth Fare,grocery store. There are a few boutiques and an oil and salt store. There are lots of restaurants and outdoor dining.


This is my favorite restaurant here. This the The General Muir, it is a modern deli. The food is excellent. IMG_0433

Tin Lizzies serves Tex-Mex food. It is really comfortable inside and the food is okay. There is a Marlow’s Tavern, all of their food is very good. There is a Carribean place, Indian place, Burger place. A pizza pop up restaurant is about to open up soon!

The apartments look really nice too. I cannot imagine going to school and living here. That would be a dream. IMG_0427




Friends from College

Unknown This is a new NetFlix series that I watched this weekend. It was entertaining but in an irritating way. It was uncomfortable. My friends from college are not so forced and fake. Sure I didn’t go to Harvard and I don’t live in New York City (thank god).  The way these friends acted, we might have acted this way right out of college but not at 40 years old.

The script got kind of predictable, so, not as funny. The one thing it did do was a great commercial for McDonalds. I haven’t had McDonalds for probably over 10 years but damn if I didn’t want it!

Some of the characters were likable, some not so much.

So, should you watch? Sure, let me know what you think…


I decided to make hummus from dry garbanzo beans. Long story short, I don’t have a food processor so I tried to make it in the blender. It was okay, but each day it got better. It was garlicky. So, I stopped by a mediterranean restaurant and got some baba ganoush and some pita. This pita is soft and pillowy, not the thin dry untasty kind.

But then I had an idea, make a grilled cheese with the pita…IMG_4417

Let me tell you this, so darn great!

Toco Hill

Is it an Indian mound? A famous hill in Atlanta? A super secret location? It is actually a shopping center built in the 1950’s and the whole area around it became Toco Hills.


For about the last year and a half they have been giving the shopping center a facelift. It is anchored by Publix Grocery Store and Kroger.

And a Pikes nursery…


This place is huge. Any cuisine you desire. Best Bagels in Atlanta….

(I like Goldbergs better)


Good fajitas, good chicken soup and a few very good tacos. There is a Jimmy Johns, and a Steak and Shake.


Ace is the place with the helpful Hardware man, not so much here. But I do love it!


Chris’ Pizza is really very good and they have a good brunch too.


There are three nail salons, this is my fav!

There is a massage place, a frozen yogurt shop, an Ice Cream stand, Learning center and a book store.

If you come to Atlanta and need an Ace hardware, here’s the place!