Nature, naturally…


I spotted a rare sole in the wild. It appears I was not alone in the spotting, the turtle was on top of it too. It was a tough shot to get, also. If you know soles, you know how sensitive and jitterish they can be. IMG_2290

I thought I spotted another one but it turned out to be just two very hungry mallard ducks…


This turtle was on the hunt also.


Keep your eyes peeled for the elusive sole…

The Gift


I have wanted a bass guitar for a very long time. I went to the music store to take a look at a used one. While I was there, I spotted the Ukeleles. The Ukulele is basically a small bass guitar, that granted has a different sound, but you can make it what you want.

I am learning chords and methods of strumming.

It was a gift I gave myself!



Unknown-1 Strawberries, yum, I love them. Fruit goes bad so quickly though. So, for dinner, strawberries, blueberries, yogurt and a little granola. So absolutely great!

For breakfast, peanut butter and strawberries on crackers, this one you must try. This is super delicious!


What shall I have for lunch? any suggestions?