My Neighbor’s House

My neighbor sold her house in January. A few weeks ago they started taking off the roof.

I was looking for a before photo and the only one I could come up with is in the snow.IMG_0869.jpg


You get the idea… Now it looks like this…




Bradley Cooper is very upset they have taken away his “other” front yard.


They said they were building a mansion, I will let you know.

Braves Day Game

Luckily, I got to go to the Brave’s game today, with Josi and her niece and nephew!


Adorable, I know… It was hot, I mean really hot!

Wyatt did the zip line, so brave!


Oakley did the chop a mole, ha! Did I tell you it was hot?



IMG_1871 2

So, it was hot, the kids watched the game under the table.


It was a fun game and the seats were great!


We finally broke down and went inside and had an ice-cream sundae break.


We ran into Walter Banks, the nicest kindest man with the Braves. He was an usher for years. I was lucky enough to sit in his section for years. ┬áHe actually was the usher for Ted Turner’s suite. I believe he has worked for the Braves for over 50 years. He still loves to make people happy. He spent some time with us and still just so great!


We all had a great day and made it through the heat!

A celebration

My friends, AD and Cathy got married in May but they had a celebration of their marriage yesterday and it was a blast.


This is A.D. and Cathy. They are a really super nice sweet couple!

I must show you their cake. They grill and cook out probably almost every night…


This is their cake! It looks just like their Big Green Egg (google it).

There were some neighbors there too!


Dancing was fun! These are two of my fav neighbors!


This was the coolest PhotoBooth I have ever seen. You can put outfits on and text the photos to people from the camera.

Here are some other neighbors…


Fun Fun Fun. It was a great time. Oh and the food was outstanding too!


Best Wishes to A.D. and Cathy!