First Thursday Food Trucks and Market, October 2, 2014

Have you been here yet?

Tucker Farmers Market

Tucker Farmers Market

October 2, 2014


2333 Main St., Tucker, GA

More than 25 local farmers and food producers.

In Freemason’s Square and the Bank of America parking lot

First Thursday Food Trucks & Market

On the first Thursday of every month, the Tucker Farmers Market hosts local food trucks. Come out to explore the wilds of Atlanta food truck cuisine.

New Music

4-8 Mike Snowden

Vendor News

Get your meats and veggies!

It’s the season for greens, so plan to stock up on kale, lettuces, and sprouts! Remember, shop early to get the best selection.


Mercier Orchards
Blue Ridge, GA

Straight From the Backyard Garden
Loganville, GA

With: Okra, tomatoes, collard greens, turnip greens, asian greens, cucumbers, beans, peppers, eggplant, broccoli

Dillwood Farms
Loganville, GA

With: Peppers, kale, collard greens, arugula, red okra, hakurei turnips, butternut squash

Asili Goods
East Point, GA

With: arugula, butternut squahs, succhini yellow squash, cucumbers, tomatoes, snap…

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Piedmont Park (again)

IMG_3425Piedmont Park has two dog parks. One for big dogs and one for small dogs. There were two Yorkies and a yellow lab in the small dog park (I think the couple of owners were making a connection, very cute). This is the big dog park. It was an overcast day (obviously)

IMG_3426The park is huge and absolutely lovely. It is a great time to visit because it is so cool and not too crowded.IMG_3433This is the pool, which is closed now but just so beautiful. IMG_3435Another shot, I thought I had a shot of the bath house, I will have to look. In this shot you can see the lake behind the pool. So peaceful! IMG_3436They were having something called Wonderlust 108, Music, yoga, games it was wonderful music to walk around the park to.IMG_3446There was a photo shoot on the gazebo.IMG_3460Lots of softball, and beach volleyball going on.IMG_3459Atlanta Botanical Gardens are right next door, we should go visit soon!

Tanyard Creek Park (another great walking park)

Tanyard Creek Park is off of Collier Road and in 2010 they completed the Northside Trail on the BeltLine.

Parts of the Civil War were also fought here. IMG_3373There are a lot of historical markers here. When I got my 1st dog, I used to bring her here, but it didn’t have the BeltLine back then. It is a beautiful park though.IMG_3375That is Collier Road, you go underneath and there is some really cool artwork.IMG_3376Keep going and you walk past Bobby Jones Golf Course.IMG_3383IMG_3386Lots of geese on the course, what a big mess, huh? They are doing a ton of construction at the old Colonial Hills Complex, it was scaring Coop out so we turned around. Staycationers will love this park there are two playground areas.IMG_3409When you get to the end of this portion you are in some town homes.IMG_3413Then to get back you go through a cool covered bridge under a railroad trestle, very cool.IMG_3419Yes that is Bradley Cooper posing! It is a beautiful park, and not too crowded. IMG_3421Have you been here? Is there a park near you I should visit?

Southbound (a revisit to Historic Chamblee)

A couple of nights ago, my neighbor Will and I went to Southbound restaurant in Chamblee. I have been before and had great service and wonderful Shrimp and Grits. I think  the best thing about Southbound is that it is comfortable, it’s like going to a friends home, that is a great chef also. IMG_3372It was a lovely fall evening and we sat outside. Our waiter was funny and really honest about what to order. I really appreciate that. They cook on Big Green 3We started with Fried Green Tomatoes and Steak Tartare and they were both very 2-2They served the Steak Tartare with homemade potato chips and they were excellent but we both thought crostini might have worked better. Then for dinner I went with the rabbit and Will chose the bone in ribeye. My rabbit was served with ricotta dumplings and was so very good, until I tried Will’s which was out of this world. photo 1This was the rabbit. Excellent!

IMG_3368Reflections of the evening. Let me know what you think, have you been?

Great Walking Trail – South Peachtree Creek Trail

IMG_3366We are so lucky in Georgia and Atlanta to have so many Parks and Trails! I found this one today and I am so glad I did. IMG_3307It is a beautiful day today, crisp and clear, the trail is a little over a mile. The scenery is great! IMG_3311Cute little bird houses…Lots of graffiti. IMG_3363Not tons, I guess the appropriate amount for train tunnels. IMG_3321It is pleasant and peaceful. IMG_3342There is a park at the end with many baseball fields. (or the beginning depending on where you start)IMG_3350This park is a the back of Mason Mill Park off of Clairmont Road. IMG_3365Let me know of a park I can visit near you. Happy Staycation!!!

Tallulah Falls

IMG_3284A wonderful Staycation trip is up to Tallulah Falls. There are 6 falls. It is incredible. Tallulah Gorge is two miles long and nearly 1,000 feet (300m) deep. IMG_3275Here’s a little store and it has a great view of the gorge, (they have birch beer, yummy).

There is Tallulah Lake with a beach, it is closed now. Then you go across the road and up the mountain a bit and you come to the Jane Hurt Interpretive Center which highlights the history of this Victorian Resort town as well as the rugged terrain and fragile ecosystem. IMG_3301They have different levels of water releases, some for White Water rafting a couple times in the year. In October they are going to have a full moon suspension bridge hike and a full moon paddle on the lake. You need  to make reservations.

IMG_3290The falls truly are spectacular. It is about an hour and a half out of Atlanta.

Let me know about your experiences! IMG_3306