Doe a Deer

I was taking Buddy for a little walk and we saw a fawn. It ran behind my neighbor’s house. So, Buddy, his site is not too good, but, we snuck behind the house and we saw it just staring at us. We ran home and I put Buddy in the house and grabbed my camera.

This is what I saw,


A doe and two fawns. Then I saw this…


Then they were gone. I went to Josi’s next door to see if Connor noticed.


Not so much! Sweet Boy!


Lighten up Meals

As I have been doing Meatless Mondays for a few years now, it makes you think how you can change eating meals daily. I now love sweet potatoes more than russet potatoes. I never would have thought that would happen to me.

So, today I thought I would make an even healthier meatloaf.  I bought a pound of ground turkey and a pound of lower fat ground pork. I sautéd onion, celery, carrots, red bell pepper, zucchini  and garlic. I mixed the meats put in an egg and 3/4 cup Quaker Oats, put in some worchestire sauce and some italian seasoning, then added the vegetables. I baked for 50 minutes in 350 degree oven. I topped with some Hoisin sauce.


I also made some purple hull peas, without pork fat!


It was a good dinner, but I have to work on the seasoning a little more on the meatloaf.


Throwback Thursday


These are two of my favorite photos with Coop’s Best Friend Duke who died last Thanksgiving. I miss him a lot.


He was my neighbor’s dog, but oh so sweet. Don’t they break your heart? But also give you so much joy. I laugh at Bradley Cooper at least two or three times a day.