Fish & Cheesy Jalepeno Grits Tostado

Yesterday I made halibut in parchment for dinner, over cheese jalapeño grits. It was delicious. I had some leftovers. I thought a tostado sounded perfect.

I put a flour tortilla in the oven to heat up, instead of frying it. IMG_0087

At 400% for 4 minutes each side, turns out crunchy and cooked through. Then I took the grits and cut a grit cake and fried it.


Then, I put on some baby spinach and baby arugula and some gorgeous tomatoes…


I made a dressing out of sour cream and some salsa, put on the halibut and dressed it.


It doesn’t look great dressed but man did it taste great!

Rotisserie Chicken

The beauty of the Rotisserie Chicken is all you can get out of it. UnknownYou buy it for dinner, chicken with a side and salad.

The Next Day: Now the fun part, pull all of the rest of the chicken off the bone. Put the bones and skin in a dutch oven and start cleaning out the fridge. I added leftover onions, and peppers, broccoli stems, celery, carrots, the liquid I used in steaming veggies from the week and you will need add some water too. . This needs to cook for hours. while this is cooking make a salad for lunch with some baby spinach and arugula and top with some of the chicken with a light avocado/ ranch dressing.

Strain the broth, for dinner, use some of the broth with carrots and celery and orzo and some more of the pulled chicken. Delicious.

Now I have some leftover soup. Broth in the freezer and refrigerator.  I still can make a chicken salad tomorrow. That’s a lot of meals out of one chicken!