A rainy day in Georgia

It said it would start raining at 9:00, so, Coop and I left the house around 8:24. About midway around the block it started. No problem we can make it. Well it started pouring, we were soaking wet by the time we got home.54126028699__84AB56A1-1CAF-4060-8FBD-75F95AFD5208

He looks like a wet otter.

Then a few hours later, I went to walk Bodhi. It was just sprinkling. We walked, came home, dried off and played a little.

This video doesn’t exist

Walk in Nature

It was such a beautiful day so, Coop and I decided to go for a walk. We went to Kittredge Park, which is very close to our home. We had a great walk up the hill. We always come to the top and stop and give Coopie some water. There was a guy lying up on the semicircle ledge just relaxing in the sun. It was so peaceful.

Walking in and with nature is so spiritual.

We walked down a new trail to get back down and we came upon this.


It’s hard to see but it’s all blooming everywhere.


It just takes your breath away.

(and now Coop is smoring by my feet)