That music that you hear inside of you urging you to take risks and follow your dreams is your intuitive connection to the purpose in your heart since birth. Be enthusiastic about all that you do.Have ┬áthat passion with the awareness that the word enthusiasm literally means “the God within” the passion that you feel is God inside of you beckoning you to take the risk and be your own person.


Fox Bros BBQ

I love Fox Brother’s Bar B Que. I believe it is the best in town. They opened Fox Brothers Bar B Que Que-Osk on Ottley Drive right down the street from Sweet Water Brewery.


It’s made out of a shipping container, so cool. They serve breakfast and lunch. Today they were out of ribs, fatty brisket and collards so, I got a pulled chicken sandwich.IMG_0320

It was huge! I also got some brunswick stew….IMG_0321.jpg

It was very hot but yummy. I think I need to try their pimento cheese and possibly a frito pie, (Chili over fritos in the bag covered with onions and jalape├▒os)

Definitely worth a trip.