Christmas Gifts

Christmas time is here! I made cookies, cheese straws, spicy pretzels and some more cookies. These were gifts for neighbors, but, I also made this…Christmas 4This is a green tea wreath, painted clothes pins. There is a cardboard wreath underneath the teabags and that is covered in wrapping paper.Then just clip the teabags all around.

Christmas 2These are Detox Baths, made with Epson Salts an Oatmeal. Just poor them into the bath and soak for 20 to 25 minutes.

Christmas 3 Cute tabletop tree! Even Bradley Cooper got a gift of goodies.Christmas 7Merry Christmas to all!

Sugar Cookie Fail


I can make great Cheesecake Brownies, and wonderful Blondies, but not so much with Sugar Cookies… I found some 3-D cookie molds someone had given me. So, I thought I would try them out. Don’t laugh, but, it was a huge fail in so many ways. cookies 3

There is a snowman, a bell, a christmas tree, an angel, and a star, oh and a snowman, but I know you could see that. I do not recall sugar cookies being this sweet too. Oh well, live and learn and try a different recipe. Same in life huh?