Georgia Southern University

I graduated from Georgia Southern University many years ago. IMG_5069The campus has at least doubled since I attended. IMG_5051This is a portion of Sweetheart Circle. It has beautiful old trees.IMG_5058    IMG_5055     IMG_5057Then I walked over to William’s Building…IMG_5071They had a second cafeteria here when I went to school and when it snowed we went and borrowed some trays to go sledding down the hill on.

The school’s photo lab was here too. (in the old days we had to process film) I spent many hours processing prints here. I got to be a photographic assistant for a while, it was great!

This campus is beautiful. Oh and the apartment I lived in for a couple of years is still there. IMG_5089 Everything else has changed on the campus and a lot in the town but these little apartments are still here. It made me smile.