Calle Latina

I decided to visit a newer gift store in Decatur called Homegrown..Unknown-1    Unknownbut I decided to stop into Calle Latina…IMG_7643.JPG

I hesitate to even tell you about it, it is that good and a little small. I must let you know it is great. I started out with some fried green tomatoes, because you know that is authentic street food!Calle#2

This was spicy and sweet and salty with the cheese, really very good. Then I got two empanandas, one beef one chicken.168sI cannot tell you which one I liked better, that is how good they both were. Calle#3

I will be back to try more and report back!

Jury Duty

I received a jury summons in the mail a while ago. I know it’s our duty, privilege but does anyone really enjoy it? I do know there a few people that do but I think it is very few.

So, you can call the day before to see if you have to go. I called at 5:31 (5:30 is the time to call) and YAHOO!, no jury duty por moi!

Now, if I can just win the lottery….