Meatless Monday – BurgerFi

So, I do Meatless Mondays. I was hankering for a burger. The best Veggie Burger I have ever had was at Houston’s Restaurant. I decided to try a new one today. I have been to BurgerFi once before, I had a hotdog, it was great! Today I was after a veggie burger.

BF 1I have to tell you, it was very good. BF3Two things, that is my finger and too many fries. They were very good. (the fries).

It was a really good veggie burger! I recommend it!

Red Beans & Rice

My sweet friend Catherine brought me some authentic red beans from New Orleans, Camellia’s Red Kidney Beans.

I put a pound of beans in a pot and covered them with chicken stock, then I started chopping.RedBeans3 Chopped green pepper, two stalks of celery, a bunch of green onions and some garlic. Cooked some bacon and andouille sausage…Red Beans4Then put all the chopped veggies in the drippings and then put it in with the beans. Red Beans 2It cooked for over 3 hours, kept adding water and chicken stock as needed. It was awesome.

Red Beans1

The perfect meal for a chilly day!

Happy Birthday!

Today is Josi’s Birthday! Woo Hoo!!!IMG_6795Catherine threw a Birthday Breakfast at her home. Here’s Catherine and Hobbie…IMG_6780Josi’s  niece Oakley was my photographic assistant. (She took all of the photos that she is not in!)…IMG_6560She also helped me decorate the cake. (Yummy Wedding Cake)IMG_6567I am going to leave you with some of her photography…IMG_6577IMG_6594IMG_6665



IMG_6923Blowing out the candles! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSI!!!