A Charlie Brown Christmas

UnknownThe 50th Anniversary of A Charlie Brown Christmas is playing tonight.

This is my story of a Charlie Brown Christmas that happened to my family growing up.

Every year, my father would take my sister and two brothers out to buy a christmas tree. We would go to the same lot every year and spend hours looking for the “best” tree. So, one year after at least four hours (time seems so much longer when you are young, so maybe an hour at most) My younger brother Bill was off looking by himself. We finally found it! The best tree! Well, Bill comes up dragging this scrawny unloved tree. The Christmas tree salesman said if we bought the big tree he would throw in the other tree for free. images-2

We took both trees home and put the big tree up in the living room and the other tree in the den. The one in the den we decorated with all of our homemade kid ornaments and I would string popcorn for it. It honestly was beautiful. Unknown-1

It then became a family tradition. Our Charlie Brown Christmas!


Mostly Wordless Wednesday

The Beltline revisited…IMG_6102We started right up from The Old Fourth Ward…. IMG_6073We walked to Krog Street and then back and past Kevin Rathbun’s Restaurant. IMG_6081Oh before that we went past IceBox Company, they print t-shirts and jackets etc. really very cool. It says so on their sign.

Then this really cool graffiti, I love it!

It is a fun walk, nice people watching, cute pups, skateboarders, and graffiti.

Possum drops in for a visit –

I do not recommend this for a Staycation…

Last night around 6:00, there was a huge crash in my living room. My ceiling caved in and a big ole possum darted into my dining room. I grabbed Coop and threw him in my bedroom. I opened the french doors off of the dining room. I coxed him into the next corner. He was sitting on the heating grate, so, I turned up the heat. I got my vacuum out and turned it on.

Possum 2Here’s the hole the possum dropped into my living room.

I was throwing things out the back door to show him it was open. I threw out Halloween candy, little Nestle Crunch bars, a lemon ( have no idea why) a candle (again do not know why). Finally after an hour and a half, I had the vacuum going, my blow dryer in one hand and a broom in the other, it was about 80 degrees, he finally ran out! Whew.  Here’s the poor little thing.

Possum 1I really did feel sorry for him, but, really wanted him out. I was singing “I will survive” I think that is what pushed him over the edge.

Again, I do not recommend this as a staycation.

Hibachi and what to do with Leftovers Part Deux

images-4Took some more of the fried rice and chicken and mixed in some salsa verde popped it into the microwave. Relleno 5Then I had an epiphany, add in this, Relleno 4Palmetto Cheese with Jalapeños. I had three chile rellenos I put those in the oven to broil them. Relleno 3You blister them and then throw them in a plastic ziplock bag and then peel the skin off of them. Then you make a “T” cut on them and clean the seeds out and the ribs. Stuff them with the rice mixture. Cover them with some more of the salsa verde. Relleno 2Cover them with cheese and put them in the oven for about 20 minutes at 350 and then tada….Relleno1

So that is it for these leftovers… You should see what we can accomplish with a rotisserie chicken!

Hibachi and what to do with the leftovers!

UnknownKobe House for hibachi.images-2Chicken and veggies and fried rice, it comes with ginger sauce and yum yum sauce. images-4It was delicious but a lot of food. There was enough for leftovers last night and then for lunch today I made a yummy quesadilla. Quesa 3 put a little cheese on it…Quesa 2and then after a few minutes you have this! Quesa 1Now that is done, you could have made an omelet, you can take the rice and add some salsa and make a rice and chicken and cheese bowl. There are so many options for leftovers, but if done right, you can save a lot of money in the process! Life is GREAT!