Monday Morning

No actual photos on this post – just the photos in your mind. When you think of my character, I will be played by Lucille Ball.

We live on a cul de sac, so, we generally notice when a car comes down the street that does not belong, this happened yesterday morning. I get up to look out of the front door and a woman is outside the passenger side of a mini van, throwing up. Yes, gross, puking in front of my house. Okay, I think I better go wash that off of the street, because if Coop thinks kittie poop is delicious he might go crazy over this. (Hey it’s a dog thing)

My garden hose has been in my “rustic” backyard for at least two years, with over growth of ivy and other vines. I start pulling and pulling and finally I get it out. I have to pull it up to the street now. My hands are brown with dirt. I climb through the bushes to find the outside faucet. I turn it on, and there is a huge spray of water to the right of me, hole in the hose. This is a craftsman hose, lifetime guarantee. A varmint ate a hole into it. Whew.

I go inside and find a bucket and fill it with soapy water and get a watering can and fill it with water, twice.

Almost every Christmas my brother Bill gives me “as seen on tv” items, which get an immediate eye roll, but the tape to repair hoses and sinks really works. So, I got to spray down the street in front of my house and all was well with the world.

Life is Beauty Full!