Walk in Nature


It was supposed to rain all week, but it’s been sunny and I am not complaining. So off to a trail I went…


Lots of turtles sunning themselves…


Then these beautiful ducks were swimming upstream and then taking the lazy river back down.IMG_1468

Meatless Monday

FireRoasted Mushroom Ravioli with a white spinach sauce…

Start with flour and butter, roux it up. Added chicken stock and garlic and then some leftover spinach.IMG_0230

Cooked the ravioli…


Then added them to the sauce…


And serve with a little grated parmesan on top!


Adobo Tacos and Tapas

A new Mexican restaurant opened kinda near me. So, I went to go try it out. It was good, had the chips and salsa, not complimentary. IMG_0229

They give you salsa and pico de gallo, I mixed them together, it was very good.  I ordered two tacos also. I ordered a pork and a chicken. The pork was just okay, they chopped it too small to get the good grilled taste out of it.The chicken was very good. I can’t wait to try the fajitas. IMG_0228

If you are in Atlanta, give it a try and let me know…

Afternoon Walk

IMG_0194Bradley Cooper and I have been trying to take off some pounds and just have fun. We have been going up to the playground late afternoon and swinging, on this swing. He just loves it.


I think he has lost some weight, he seems to have more energy for sure. IMG_0202