The State Farmers Market

ImageThe State Farmers Market is in Forrest Park, just south of the Hartsfield/Jackson Airport. This place is so fun on so many levels! Visually to see all the fruits and vegetables. The assortment is amazing. They have garbanzo beans, I have never seen those before.

ImageThen the other fun part are the prices. I got two tomatoes, two avocados, two jalapeno peppers, and 5 limes for $4 dollars. Bargains are always fun.


Wait, that’s not all happening at the Farmers Market, they have plants, trees, flowering plants, vegetables and containers.

ImageIt is so fun and beautiful.



There are a couple of places to eat there also, the main restaurant at the front of the market and there’s a little burrito place near the plants. I have not eaten at either, but when I do I will let you know.

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