Historic Duluth (A not so hidden gem!)

IMG_2711So, I went to Don Pedro on Monday. Excellent by the way. Then I thought I would drive up Buford Highway to Buford Dam, but on the way I saw a sign, historic Duluth turn left. I turn and find a parking lot on pavers, cute. I get out of the car and see a fountain with kids playing in it. IMG_2709Then I see this cute playground. IMG_2759Then they have these incredibly cute shops down the street.IMG_2741The only problem was that it was Monday and most everything is closed on Monday, but this cute shop was open.IMG_2744This place is adorable! Honestly cute bags, cute clothes, great gifts and cards the the store’s owner could not have been nicer. IMG_2725There are a few restaurants, I think Pure Taqueria was the only one open.IMG_2740On Thursdays they have Thisty Thursdays and you can get a drink, cocktail, beer and walk around and shop. On Thursdays they have a farmers market also.

They have cool concerts all the time and a beautiful music venue – Red Clay Theatre.

It would be a fun date night place to go, a fun family day trip, or a great weekend fun day! Check it out.  (Tomorrow I am going to let you know about a very special art gallery out there that is a must see!)


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