Varuni Napoli, Whoa, do you like pizza?

An excellent new player has come to Atlanta, for pizza wars Varuni Napoli! Pizza 7Skip the appetizers, we tried the Cuoppo which was 3 Arancini (rice balls) and the Panzeroni (lightly fried potato croquettes). The rice balls were the better of the two, but don’t waste your time and calories with those, when the main star is about to come along.Pizza 3The main star = the pizza, The Porreca Piccante! Pizza Varuni NapoliThis pizza is so delicious, you cannot eat it fast enough. It is spicy and charred and so great. I can’t wait to go back to try all of them. We had some wine, but the beer looked great too!

Pizza 6The desserts look awesome too, but we were too full to try them, maybe next time.

Let me know your experiences in the Atlanta pizza world, or a recipe for a homemade pizza.

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