Saving Some Money (Shopping tips)

It is always fun to save a few dollars here and there. Here a a few tips. Grocery tips in Atlanta; Kroger has manager’s specials on meat, they either have it in the same section, or they have a special section.HamburgerThis is a pound of low fat hamburger, usually $5.99, so I saved $2.00. I know you think that’s not much but it really adds up. Because then I saw my favorite potato chips, Utz Potato chips, with like an Old Bay seasoning on them, delicious! Utz's Potato ChipsThey were 50% off! Oh, and get a Kroger card, yes they track your purchases but you can save so much, and you get points to save ten cents per gallon off of Shell gasoline.

Then at Publix (this is in Atlanta, where Publix has competition) they will be having huge BOGO sales this weekend for labor day. You don’t have to buy two of the item, you can buy one and get it for half price. I live in a very small house and don’t have a lot of extra room. 

Then at Mercado del Pueblo, you can’t beat their prices on their produce, well unless you go to Buford Highway Farmer’s Market.IMG_1744Let me know if you have some money saving tips! Love to learn more….

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