Running errands, yes part of Staycation too!

My television died, well the cable did. So I called Comcast to see if it was something in the area or my cable box. Oh, it must be your cable box there is nothing our in your area. I ask for the address, she couldn’t get it to come up on her computer, I was all like, oh I know where it is. Well, I knew where it was. It has moved from Chamblee to Buckhead (a fancy area of Atlanta).

IMG_3522Super nice Xfinity store. Short wait lots to look at.  (The old Comcast office was horrible, like a United States government run organization, you know where everyone has a tude and not a good one) So after I pick up my new box, I noticed a Pink Berry around the corner. Fancy frozen yogurt. I thought I would give it a try.

IMG_3513That didn’t happen. I walked in and I was the only one in the whole place in front of the counter and behind. I gave it a “Hello”. It wasn’t meant to be.

I want to show you a few more shots of the Buckhead skyline from where I was standing.IMG_3514IMG_3515IMG_3516I will take a walking tour in a few weeks to give you a better perspective.

Back on subject. So, I can’t get the new box to work. So, I call Comcast. After being passed around 4 times and still ending up with the wrong person, I ask the lady if this is part of their new advertising for better customer service. So, as I sit here waiting for the Comcast Technician, I found out last night all of my neighbors Comcast was out also.  Pretty funny huh?


3 thoughts on “Running errands, yes part of Staycation too!”

  1. I believe we, the WordPress family, could write a book of “cable horrors.” Thank you for this very interesting post. May your life settle into less stress. Hugs, Barbara

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