Historic Norcross Arts Festival

A fall Saturday in North Georgia means football and festivals! IMG_3601There is a beautiful park in Historic Norcross. IMG_3600Parking was crazy, but I was so lucky to find a place right by the park.IMG_3603The huge pink dress was really beautiful.

IMG_3607The park was stunning. Then off to the Arts Festival, up to the top of the steps.IMG_3609About two hours into it, it starts pouring down rain. I ran to the Rick Case Automotive tentIMG_3613These are a few of their cars and they were super nice!

IMG_3612Festival after the storm. It will be there again tomorrow, you should check it out!

2 thoughts on “Historic Norcross Arts Festival”

  1. Isn’t it hot and humid there…. Too hot to play soccer? I picture Georgia as hot… I’m sure it’s beautiful!

    1. Today it was hot, but above average for this time of year. These kids were playing football. I would not have wanted to be in all of that gear running around in the middle of the day. Fall is coming fast so it will cool down and be in the 70’s soon.

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