The Crawfish Shack

Crawfish 1This is a hidden gem. The Crawfish Shack is off of Buford Highway. They have crawfish, obviously, but they also have awesome PoBoys. Crawfish 4These are shrimp PoBoys and Boudin Balls in the middle. crawfish 2This is the Grouper PoBoy. It is cooked perfectly. I will say one time I tried the Lobster Roll, it was a miss, but everything else I have tried is great. I even took my neighbor’s mother (from New Orleans) here and she got Gumbo and approved of it. They have really good fries too.Crawfish 3Except they give you way too many.

They do offer fried platters too, and steamed crab legs.

The owner is Vietnamese-Cambodian but he went to school or camp in Louisiana.

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