Gumbeaux’s in Douglasville

The Best Cajun in Atlanta is not in Atlanta, it’s in Douglasville.Gumbo 4It is not a bad drive from Atlanta, about 20 to 25 minutes. It’s in their cute little downtown area. I got there at 12:40 and there was a little bit of a wait.

Gumbo 3The menu is extensive. They have a bunch of PoBoys and Fried Platters but it is called Gumbeaux’s so I had to start with the seafood Gumbo.Gumbo 7It is the best Gumbo I have ever had. This is the cup of Gumbo. So for lunch I ordered the Crawfish Étouffée Gumbo 5There was a tender yummy piece of Crawfish in every bite.The side is jalapeno corn. The corn was exquisite, how could corn be that great? Well it was. To wash it all down…Gumbo 6Beautiful Blue Moon Beer….

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