Landmarks around Atlanta – Centennial Olympic Park

IMG_2313Centennial Olympic Park is in downtown Atlanta. It’s a beautiful place to visit and there is a lot to do….IMG_5276     IMG_5274

IMG_5295You can play in the fountains, but every now and then they put on a fountain concert. It was actually really entertaining. IMG_5301This groovy little chickadee enjoyed it!

Then you can take a ride on Sky View, where I met this super nice photographer, and Lucky, a sweet girl who is a loader, they put you into the cars.IMG_5316 Oh and there was a company outing in the park and there were teams of line dancers…IMG_5331

The College Hall of Fame is down there now too. IMG_5317  IMG_5341Which I am sure it will become a landmark on its own in the future.

All that walking got me a little peckish, so off to IMG_5344Legal Sea Foods, which is a Boston Landmark with an outpost here. It is so good.IMG_5346Clam Chowder and a Blue Moon beer, yummy. I was also my server’s very first customer ever, that was so cool, and she was very sweet and attentive.

There are so many things more to share, but, another day!

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