Biscuits after the climb up Kennesaw Mountain…

IMG_5781My old next door neighbor, Catherine, and my new next door neighbor Josie and I went to climb Kennesaw Mountain. It was a very hot day,but, the climb is very shady. IMG_5791It is a good workout not too bad. Yes, I was tired afterwards, but it also felt great!

Now the great part, we went to Mountain Biscuits afterward. Unknown

images-2These were wonderful! Biscuit 1Chicken Sausage and tomato Biscuit! Biscuit 4Egg, tomato and jalepenos.  Biscuit 5Egg and Bacon Biscuit.  These were super light and fluffy and really scrumptious!

After lunch Catherine went for a buggy ride.   IMG_5825It was a great day!

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