A Charlie Brown Christmas

UnknownThe 50th Anniversary of A Charlie Brown Christmas is playing tonight.

This is my story of a Charlie Brown Christmas that happened to my family growing up.

Every year, my father would take my sister and two brothers out to buy a christmas tree. We would go to the same lot every year and spend hours looking for the “best” tree. So, one year after at least four hours (time seems so much longer when you are young, so maybe an hour at most) My younger brother Bill was off looking by himself. We finally found it! The best tree! Well, Bill comes up dragging this scrawny unloved tree. The Christmas tree salesman said if we bought the big tree he would throw in the other tree for free. images-2

We took both trees home and put the big tree up in the living room and the other tree in the den. The one in the den we decorated with all of our homemade kid ornaments and I would string popcorn for it. It honestly was beautiful. Unknown-1

It then became a family tradition. Our Charlie Brown Christmas!


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