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Christmas Gift Ideas!

My neighbor wanted to give her niece a dog ornament for Christmas. So, I had these ceramic square ornaments. I printed a photo of one of her dogs and glued it to the ornament then finished it. Here is one of them. IMG_4155This is Hobie, quite the handsome dog. What I was making before this were these….IMG_4158This is Catfish, I printed in black and white, mounted to a canvas and finished with a dull Mod Podge….Here is Pumpkin IMG_4160Then the last one I have done is Addie. IMG_4164 Then all three on the mantel.IMG_4172Then I found these two books yesterday. They are awkward moments told by cute little animal, in a book, but postcards. IMG_4167and IMG_4166Are those a hoot or what? I can’t believe I have never seen them before.Do you have good christmas ideas?

Christmas on the Trail

IMG_4110We started on the trail and came upon this tree. It had about 15 ornaments and some red garland and gold garland. I think I will take an ornament on my walk tomorrow to add to the tree.IMG_4149The beautiful red berries on the bushes are natures decoration. IMG_4135These lovely little flowers decorated the path.IMG_4130This Hairy Woodpecker was busy at work. IMG_4146Whoops something is wrong with the picture. Merry Christmas to all!!!

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas – Decatur

IMG_4004Atlanta is made up of a lot of little towns and neighborhoods and one of my favorites is Decatur. Today when I visited the Square in downtown Decatur, they had up their Christmas decorations and were playing Christmas tunes. IMG_4001Music was coming from here. It actually put me in a great mood. Then to see kids running and playing around. IMG_4012Jumping! IMG_4015Climbing on cannons! IMG_4021Walking the dogs!IMG_4018Taking the Christmas photo on the Courthouse steps!IMG_4024Oh and parking is free on Sundays! Let’s visit again next week! You want to come?IMG_3999