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Panola Mountain State Park

Staycationers there are so many parks around Atlanta. So, Coop and I went to Panola Mountain State Park. IMG_5797This marker tells you how far it is to each park area. IMG_5798There are over 20 miles of trails like this one. There are three other ones that are marked trails within the forest. It is amazingly lush and green. They have signs for deer, IMG_5806but we did not see any. They have Picnic shelters you can rent. They also have bikes you can rent and jon boats and canoes. They have an archery area and give classes (you can rent the equipment) They also have rustic campsites, not my style but hey…

There is not much shade on the trail. IMG_5799We were in about a mile and a half and it was just too hot for the Coop.IMG_5800I had plenty of water for him, but we had to turn around. When we got back to the car the sky clouded up a little. IMG_5805We were kinda hoping it would rain.

I will return and I think I might rent a bike next time. More to tell then!

Kennesaw Mountain

Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park IMG_5791is a 2,965 acre national park that preserves the civil war battleground of the Atlanta Campaign. Opposing forces maneuvered and fought here from June 19, 1864 until July 2, 1864.

We started at the top of Kennesaw mountain, which the elevation is 1,808 above sea level.IMG_5781We can see Atlanta, Buckhead, Stone Mountain. It is so cool. IMG_5788Okay it was a little hazy. We took this photo by one of the cannons on Kennesaw Mountain…IMG_5785We kept walking on to Little Kennesaw Mountain and then that leads to Pigeon Hill…IMG_5790We didn’t go all of the way to Pigeon Hill but we walked a long way. The one thing Ella and I kept saying as we were hiking is they brought those cannons all the way up here in those uniforms, we do not know how.

It was a great day for hiking and fun to do, I totally recommend it for Staycationers, oh and visitors to our city.

Camp Creek Greenway – Another Trail?

IMG_5090This trail is in Lilburn Georgia. Lilburn has a cute little downtown area and right next to it is a park.IMG_5138There is a cute playground.IMG_5136There is a walking area…IMG_5132Then we found the trail.IMG_5098It was a gorgeous day and a beautiful trail. IMG_5091There were birdhouses all along the trail with bluebirds living in them.IMG_5104This is the end of one of the trails, I had no idea where I was. IMG_5097   IMG_5118  Coop was interested in the plants.

IMG_5119  We are so fortunate, that we can go anywhere in our city and find a trail.

IMG_5092Come walk with me! oh and Coop!

Providence Canyon State Park Tour

IMG_2477Ranger Trena Evans will be leading visitors into the canyons and back in time to discover the geological history of the canyons. The canyons were formed due to poor farming practices.IMG_2418It is kind of unfathomable how this could have occurred because it is massive.

The floors of the canyons can be wet and muddy, so wear the correct footwear.IMG_2413 Oh remember to bring some water and your camera. Admission is $5.00 and parking is $5.00 also. They have a tour on March 28th 11:00 till 1:00. Let me know if you would like to go!IMG_2483They have another tour Saturday April 18th. The next tour is not until October 3rd.

Ice off the Trail

It was really super cold in Atlanta last week, not as cold as up North but cold for us southerners. So, Coop wanted to go off the trail…IMG_4523He is very persuasive.IMG_4528So we walked down to the dam.IMG_4535I am going to go on the other side to see if I can get a better picture. IMG_4537They knocked a hole in the dam so, the creek could flow through. IMG_4545Then I saw the ice on the rock. IMG_4546

We came across this cute bench off the trail. IMG_4551Well the weather people are reporting we might get snow again tonight. Things go crazy if there might be snow or if there is snow. People hoard bread and milk, go figure….I just make sure I get to the liquor store.

Walking the Trail Again

IMG_3996It has been so rainy for so long in Atlanta, it was so beautiful today. IMG_4394The trail starts out on a sidewalk and changes over to a boardwalk through the trees.IMG_4404It is so peaceful and tranquil. IMG_4400I should do a video so I can walk you through the trail with me. IMG_4425Then there is this really cool tree. It is the kind of tree that looks like it will come alive and grab you. Unlike the tree that sticks its tongue out.IMG_4428

New Year – Great Time to Walk!

walk 2I am getting ahead of myself, because someone didn’t want to go for a walk….walk 3Okay, it was a little chilly when we started in the 30’s, but it was so beautiful! We headed out for the trail.Creek TrailIt is about a mile to get to the trail on Miss Cheshire Bridge Rd. walk 1Yes we saw this blooming on the way. walk 6It really is a great walk. We all need to explore and find new finds and fun things to see and do and when it is this easy we are just so fortunate! Happy New Year to all!!!walk 7