Staycation in Dahlonega

Unknown-3It’s Spring Break in Atlanta. My nieces are out of school for the week, so I got to spend Monday with them. We always have a great time and it always becomes an adventure.

We decided to just drive till we saw something we wanted to see. Well, Zelda is hungry and wanted Mexican food. Perfect, we were headed towards Dahlonega and they have a great mexican restaurant, so off we went.Unknown-4Pueblos was perfect. Their salsa is excellent.

On the way in I noticed a sign for a dive bell. What? a dive bell in Dahlonega Georgia, the mountains, this has to be a great story. IMG_6976

This Dive Bell was found in the Chestatee River. Apparently, the ship it was on mysteriously sank there. It all had to do with gold and mining of gold. (The first gold rush was in Dahlonega GA). IMG_6977

Then we saw a bear. IMG_6984

They are everywhere.

Then we had to head home, we decided to go the scenic route. So, at one light I said shall we go straight or turn, no answer so strait it was and then we saw this.UnknownIt was a really big sign that said ZOO. We were there. Unknown-1There were lions and tigers and wolves and Zebras. We couldn’t stay though. We will go back.

You never know what you will find when you have and adventure.

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