My Best Lunch Picks

Matthews Cafeteria – This is a great home cooking kind of place. The veggies are great. The meats are yummy. It has been around for quite awhile. It is located in Tucker GA. Not too far out. I really enjoy a vegetable plate. I like their meatloaf and turkey and dressing. They have cleaned the place up a bit and put up new photos. It is totally worth a visit!images

The General Muir – Okay, this is a Great Deli in Atlanta. The Matzo Ball soup is out of this world. The broth is so pure and lovely, it is grace! The Matzo ball is light and unreal. They have a half of turkey sandwich that goes with it. I cannot explain the turkey sandwich because it is just some awesome roasted turkey and goodness. (Oh I guess I can explain)images-1

Houstons – On Thursday, I love their Tortilla Soup. So, Soup and a salad here. I enjoy the Caesar Salad. They also have a great salmon appetizer. (it is a chain, but it is consistently excellent)

Community Q – Damn great BBQ. The Brisket is extremely good. The beef ribs were excellent! I loved them! The Mac n Cheese is absolutely the best I have ever had! Unreal!Brunswick Stew very good. Greens, meh, not so good.

Havana Restaurant – The Cuban sandwich is my  go to meal. It is so great. You have to try it! I have had a cuban sandwich in Miami, and this i the closest thing to it.


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