Always Rescue Pets

I am such a strong believer in rescuing pets instead of purchasing. Definitely do not buy from a pet shop….They usually get their pets from puppy mills. A lot of breeders are reputable. The problem is there are so many great dogs out there that need homes.

My first dog was an english springer spaniel, I bought her from a friend, as a puppy. She was a great dog, very hyper, but sweet. She had 13 puppies. We named all the females after presidents wives. Nancy was the runt. I kept Martha for a while. She was beautiful, but she thought her name was Bad Dog.

My second dog was part Spitz part Corgi, a short long white dog, Navin Johnson. My best friend’s husband found him in a field. IMG_0742.jpg

The Sweetest boy ever! Yes, I have no idea what kind of life he had before I got him but I wouldn’t trade our time for anything!

Now I have Bradley Cooper, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the apple of my eye. IMG_3876

His owner had to go into assisted living and couldn’t take him. He is super smart and so very sweet! He is so funny. He is my best buddy!

So, here it is, you can rescue a pure breed, you can rescue a mutt, but know this, they will be the best dog/friend ever!

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