A Day at the Beach

My Dad has dementia, those that follow me know that. I went to Jacksonville to  take care of my dad and mom while my brother, who lives with them gets a break. It is a tough job being a caregiver for your parents, I applaud my brother. He does a great job. He does have help from my other brother though. My other brother  schedules all of the nurse care and doctors and pays the bills. Thank god for both of them.

So, I went down to take care of them and cooked and cleaned and did yard work but then on Sunday I had an hour or two to take a break. I went to the beach.


It feels so great there, just to breath. It feels so right. But it was so chilly.


So Bradley Cooper and I walked for a while and it was great! OMG, People were swimming.


Crazy huh? I thought Bradley Cooper was enjoying it until I looked at the photo I took,


Look at that face…not happy, ready to go.

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