Kool Runnings

imagesI do not even want to tell you about this restaurant…It is AMAZING! I have been about 5 times now and it does not disappoint. I would not think I would like oxtail, but they are delicious. The jerk chicken is great, and I do not like jerk chicken. They also have this brown chicken, that falls off the bone and the sauce is so unbelievably thick and spicy but gravy like heaven. I used to always get the rice and peas, Unknown-1 but then I tried the Rasta Pasta, I cannot describe the goodness of this pasta, and they put the brown chicken with the sauce on the pasta and it elevates it even more. They have lunch specials for $7.99 but you can also order off of the menu. imagesBut, the best thing are the collard greens…honestly, I said uhm when I took my first bite. The best thing about this restaurant is that it is kinda a drive, so, I know, if you want something great you have to really want it, but, it really is that good!

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