Meatless Monday

I started Meatless Monday a few years ago and it has really evolved into finding ways to eat meatless even more. I really don’t miss it, also, because I do have some chicken and fish. I even enjoy making my own veggie burgers.

Tonight’s menu was a Boca Burger, spinach and black beans. The boca burger, then the spinach steamed in some chicken broth with a little garlic. The black beans are actually from a can. I know it is super easy to make them from dry and I do that, but some days you need a shortcut. I added some salsa to the beans and a pinch of cumin.


Very yummy!

(I will admit I used to turn my nose up to Boca Burgers, then I tried them.)

9 thoughts on “Meatless Monday”

  1. I’m a veggie, and let me say that there is so much tasty, healthy food to eat…. I don’t know where people get the room to put meat.

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