Montaluce Winery and Restaurant

It’s Aries Birthday Month. My friend Paula, her daughter, Peyton, and I have birthdays all around each other. A few months ago, she planned a lunch at Montaluce Winery and Restaurant. images

It was a beautiful day. Montaluce is in Dahlonega GA, about an hour north of Atlanta. IMG_8649


They have so many different kinds of wine. This is just part of the vineyard. IMG_8640.JPG

It truly is an amazing place to visit.

We had lunch which was really really good. We started with a trio of hummus all yummy but the tzatziki was our hands down favorite. Yes, tzatziki hummus. IMG_8634

Pita is made in house. I think the pickles must be made in house too, very yummy.

So Paula and I got the burger, but not just a burger. It is domestic wagu, with hash potatoes, yes I said potatoes, then the yummiest melty american cheese, oh but put a fried egg on that before the cheese, to help with the umaminess of this burger. The fries were excellent too! I was super hungry, but had some hummus to fill the huge hunger void. I think this lends to the credibility of just how good this burger is.


It is a lovely place and totally worth the drive.


I bought a bottle of wine too! It was really very good. The company was awesome too.

Great Day!

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