Fire in Atlanta

Here is what happened last week. On Thursday a fire started underneath one of Atlanta’s major highways during rush hour. Unknown-1 The heat was so intense that the expressway collapsed. This is I-85 going north out of downtown Atlanta. This is an extremely busy stretch of road. The fire also damaged the southbound lane. So traffic is diverted off of this huge portion of the expressway. More than 250,000 vehicles travel on these stretches of the expressway every day. As you can imagine side streets are jammed. The fire happened last Thursday and it is still crazy busy on all the side streets with the interstate closure. I-285 is the alternate way they are telling you to get around, but, that has to be like a parking lot.

3 thoughts on “Fire in Atlanta”

  1. this is terrible! I heard some very nasty weather was coming your way in Atlanta…hope you are all safe.

    1. It really is. The storms have come and gone. I think it is getting worse the farther east it’s going. Storms usually slow down by the time they get to Atlanta. This one barreled though with huge wind gusts. We made it though. Thanks!

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